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Klima Control,
to keep you cool

Redefining the future of air conditioning.

30 years of experience and excellent service.

Klima Control Air Conditioning & Heating is a South Florida family run business with over 30 years of experience. The company started as an air conditioning equipment and materials supply company that also provided technical support, such as installations and other services.

Over time, Klima Control realized that there were other ways to serve the South Florida & US market. Homeowners, real estate investors, and technicians were all looking for affordable and reliable products with strong warranties now more than ever given the recent economic changes.

In 2020, Klima Control decided it was time to develop their own brand and air conditioning products. They partnered with large factories to develop and design a new air conditioning unit that is built to reduce electricity consumption by over 60%, keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient, all while ensuring prices are low and affordable!

Currently, Klima Control is an American registered brand that produces residential air conditioning equipment of standard efficiency and high efficiency with inverter technology. Now, Klima Control AC units and products are the best selling products in their stores!

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